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For thousands of years, mankind has been involved in  confrontational situations.  From the club of a caveman to the latest in weaponary, man has been honed for destructive ends. When weapons fail, all these people had were their bare hands.  However, brute force alone will only get you so far.  It has now become clear that when engaging the enemy, emotive  and psychological aspects need to be tapped, harnessed and managed for positive results.

At CADRE International, we provide specialist training solutions  in the areas of confrontation management, fear management, life skills development, personal safety and protection for the public and private sectors, volunteer welfare organisations (VWOs) and non-government organisations (NGOs).

Our international affiliations and partnerships ensure that our courses are based on up-to-date materials and cutting edge research to provide clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage confrontations ranging from emotional tussles, psychological dilemma to physical aggression.

At CADRE International, we enhance your READINESS!